The competitive basketball season is underway. One of the first games featured the Wildcats taking on the Bruins in a feisty battle from start to finish. As you would expect, this time of year is important for a team to have chemistry in order to rise in the standings.

“I think a lot of it just lets you know where they’re at as a team,” said Craig Spjute, a junior studying communications. “They get accustomed to their coaches how they play, accustomed to their teammates and how they play. So I think that’s why it’s so crucial as you get to know your team and you build that chemistry which will help you towards the end of the year.”

The coaches seem to be the driving force behind the success or demise of a team. They are the main cheerleaders. They take pride in their team’s accomplishments. The coach-player combination is what makes this sport entertaining enough to come out and support these teams and players.

The key for any team to be motivated is to put off fatigue and motivate each other as a team to accomplish one goal at a time.

“If you could see the work that these guys put in during the week; if you could see the work they put in on the court, the sweat and the spirit that they put into it,” said Zoram Dean, a junior studying international studies. “They deserve this, man. They want it so bad. The greatest thing you can do to encourage them and cheer them on is to come and support them at the games.”

The Wildcats went on to defeat the Bruins 93-75 in a game that stayed close up until the last few minutes. For more information on game times, statistics and more, check out the competitive basketball page on