New complexes continue to be built


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“Ninety percent of beds are within two blocks of campus,” Phister said. “It is a huge blessing for the students.”

Pinnacle Point, the newest apartment complex, will be accessible to men Spring Semester 2013.

Pinnacle Point is located across from street from Mill Hollow in the old Pinnacle building.

“There is no new construction; the existing building is being used, so it was a challenge to get apartments in, but the rooms are very unique and have lots of different sizes,” said Ben Wiscombe, manager of Pinnacle Point.

There will be four- and six-man apartments, along with a weight room and theater room.

Wiscombe said there will be high-speed internet and free laundry, and that some apartments will have two fridges.

“The cost will be $900 and we know that if people know about it, it will fill fast,” said Charcie Wiscombe, another manager of Pinnacle Point.

Phister said the growth of BYU-I  has sparked a lot of interest on the part of the developers and created an attractive market.

Phister said that the housing office expects some changes because of the recent missionary age change announcement.

“We do expect a dip in enrollment, but it will come back and we need housing to accommodate for that,” Phister said. “In 2014-2015 when these projects come on, that is when the flood of students will be returning from their missions.”

He said it is difficult to project how many students will be returning from missions and when that will happen

“We work closely with those who do enrollment projects and we make assumptions and build some models. As soon as we are comfortable with scenarios we share those with the landlords. The more info the landlords have the better,” Phister said.

It is important to have a good relationship with the developers because there are a lot of new housing complexes going , Phister said.

“With the growth, it is important that the potential landlord or developer is focused on creating a good experience for the students. We want them to treat students fairly,” Phister said.

Phister said the landlords are not only working on new projects but they are renovating old apartment complexes too.

“There are projects that are practically gutting their apartments. It’s exciting to see the commitment the owners have to make a great environment for students,” Phister said.

Among the growth and new apartments, Phister said the housing office still has one mission: to foster an environment where students can learn and live the principles of Zion in their apartment.

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