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Mormon Newsroom

The newest addition to the now-145 temples that dot the globe was dedicated Sunday, May 17, in Córdoba, Argentina, according to Mormon Newsroom.

The Córdoba temple was dedicated by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and is now open to the public as of Tuesday, May 19, according to the LDS temples website.

Elder D. Todd Christopherson joined President Uchtdorf and over 2,000 members during the three dedicatory sessions, according to the same source.

Michael Fairbanks, a junior studying marketing, served in the Rosario, Argentina mission, three hours east of Córdoba.

Serving from 2011-2013, Fairbanks said he was able to experience the excitement of the Argentinian people who were about to receive their country’s second temple, after the Buenos Aires temple was dedicated in 1986 and rededicated in 2012.

“I cannot tell you how important this was for the members there, and I felt blessed that I could share the excitement and anticipation with the people during my time serving in Rosario” Fairbanks said.

To celebrate the dedication of Argentina’s newest temple, almost 1,000 youth danced and sang in traditional costumes at a Córdoba sports and entertainment arena, according to Deseret News.

Fairbanks said he is incredibly excited for the people of Argentina to be able to perform sacred ordinances in their countries second temple.

“The church is growing rapidly in Argentina…needless to say this is a big step for South Americans” Fairbanks said.