Alessandro Dini Ciacci is just like many students, he goes to school, studies hard, and loves his family. Unlike most students he only plans on being at BYU-Idaho for one semester.

Alessandro moved with family to the United States for the Winter 2011 semester and then moved back to Italy. He did this so that he can be eligible to take BYU-Idaho courses online.

Students from many different states and countries like Allecandro want to attend BYU-Idaho. However not all students are able to move to Rexburg to attend college. With the new pathways program, these students will be able to receive a BYU-Idaho education from where they are living without having to relocate at all.

As of now the pathways program is available for students in 22 cities and in two countries, Mexico and Ghana. Theses students take all of their classes online and meet at local institute buildings to work on assignments.

For now, there is no pathways program in Italy, but Alecandro hopes that his experience here will be able to help create a pathways program in Italy.

People interested in participating in the parthways program can visit