The shattered window outside of Flower Magic Floral on 46 North 2nd East was just being boarded up after a driver lost control and crashed into the building.

According to East Idaho News the crash occurred around 6:15 p.m.

“The driver was heading south and lost consciousness and my building stopped him,” said Mark Hancock, owner of the building. “The driver was coming and had some type of medical condition, passed out and had no recollection of what was happening when he woke up.”

Since this crash, the Rexburg Police Department released that the male driver stated he was choking on a French Fry and it caused him to swerve over both lanes of traffic and hit the building.

The driver was transported to Madison Memorial with minor injuries.

Hancock said the situation is ironic since the man who hit the building is insured under him.

“I am an insurance agent and this is somebody we insure,” Hancock said.

The building needs a lot of repair, Hancock said. An estimate on how much the repairs will cost is still unknown.

“The front door is pinched, so we can’t even open the door and the tenants have some property in there that may be damaged,” Hancock said.

The section most impacted by the accident of the StateFarm building is being rented out to Flower Magic Floral.

Flower Magic Floral opened a little over a week before the accident, on May 9.

“We have not assessed the damage just yet,” said Sandy Janson, owner of Flower Magic Floral. “We just opened last week and now we can’t be opened.”

Janson said that they won’t know anything on the extent of the damage for a couple of days.

“We will just have to see,” Janson said. “There is the loss of time of not being opened.”

Despite the uncertainty of the damage, Janson said she feels blessed that no one was hurt in the whole situation.

“Somebody could have been walking by and we were blessed that no one was hit,” Janson said. “It was an hour after closing for the day whenever the wreck happened.”

Janson said that Flower Magic Floral plans to open up again as soon as possible.

View a gallery of the damage below:

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