KATIE MCKENNA | Photo Illustration

KATIE MCKENNA | Photo Illustration

The BYU-Idaho Scroll launched its official mobile app Tuesday, July 7 to more effectively inform the BYU-I community.

The Scroll app is available on iPhone, Android and Windows phone devices and can be downloaded now.

Scroll is tasked with covering news and events and stories on the BYU-I campus,” said John Thompson, I~Comm Student Media general manager. “By having an app and writing about the people, places and things happening on this campus, we’re more successful in keeping them informed about what’s happening and how students can be involved on this campus.”

AJ Rupp, Content Manager for the BYU-I Scroll and a senior studying communication, said by downloading the app, students can expect the most up-to-date information about BYU-I, Southeast Idaho and other world news.

“Students should download the Scroll app because if they are not on campus or they can’t get the actual newspaper, they can have easy access to all of Scroll’s content on their mobile devices,” said Lindsey Johnson, Editor in Chief for the BYU-I Scroll and a junior studying communication.

Thompson said an app for Scroll has been in the works since 2007 when I~Comm student media launched its original website and that an app will better enable Scroll to connect with Nits audience.

“Anytime something becomes more accessible on a mobile device, it’s more beneficial to millennials,” Johnson said. “We don’t like to wait to get our news and information, so the app will make it easier to do that.”

Thompson said this is exciting news for the BYU-I Scroll and community since more and more people use mobile devices to view and consume news.

“The hope is that BYU-I and I~Comm Student Media is always on the forefront of technology to help get that information out to the students and the community that cares about BYU-Idaho,” Thompson said.

The BYU-I Scroll has been the official news source for both campus and local news for over a century, according to the BYU-I Scroll website.

Scroll is becoming a multimedia news outlet comparable to the current strides being made in the media industry, according to its website.

Story sponsored by the BYU-I Scroll.