Story by Amron Yitref

Arena football is a new intramural sport here at BYU-Idaho. The first games were held on Wednesday, Jan. 27. When you see this game, you may be thinking that this does not look  like regular football. The football everyone knows and loves has nice grassy fields, giant men wearing pads, helmets and a screaming crowd.
Do not let this game fool you. It still has the blood, sweat and tears like any other sport but, BYU- I gave it a little twist to this gut wrenching game.
“Arena Football is a new sport we are introducing to the campus, it’s super fun,” said Jordan Woodruff, a junior studying psychology. “It’s 4-on-4 football. It’s a little bit different. It’s one hand touch. You only have three downs to get to the end zone. Same thing, you have field goals you have extra points. It’s a lot faster paced than normal football, running clock. It gets intense.”
But there is a little bit of history behind it. Brother Hansen, the coordinator of the intramural sports, saw this version of arena football being played in many different places. So he decided to bring it to BYU-I.
This fast paced  game is very electric and exciting. Many things can happen in this game like a normal football game. From a field goal kick to an unexpected interception, with this game you will definitely be on your toes wondering what is going to happen next.
“It was a little tougher than I expected, it’s really fast paced, a lot faster than the outdoor football. There was not much of a break I between plays. A lot of running. I think starting arena football was a lot of fun, it was a great idea,” said Jordan Heggie, a senior studying Accounting.
While it is too late to create your own team, you can still join one that has already been made. The games are held on Wednesday nights at the BYU-Idaho Center.