The rate of obesity in America has doubled since 1980. According to the Department of Health, health care to treat obesity-related illnesses and conditions cost the United States an estimated $150 billion and New York State more than $7.6 billion every year. HUNTER PARAMORE | Scroll Illustration

New York fights obesity with soda limit

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Buy Sage ACT Premium 2012 According to statistics by the Huffington Post, Americans drink 16.4 gallons more soda per year than water, which is a grand total of 44.7 gallons per person.
It’s no wonder why people would be set.
The central issue of the proposal, some will say, is that our agency is at risk; our freedom to do what we want is being taken away by socialist values.
The problem with this mindset, though, is it’s misleading.
The point of the ban is not to limit peoples’ choices; rather it is to raise awareness and to help steer people in a healthier direction.
“Obesity is America’s most important public health problem, and the mayor has led the way against it. This latest idea may or may not yield results. But it is already raising awareness,” said David Frum, a CNN contributor.
While we agree that the right to drink a 44-ounce drink would limit the liberties of the people of New York, it won’t stop people from getting their fix of this addictive substance. Buying extra 16 ounce containers will always be available.
So, if all that this law achieves in its lifetime (whether that be short or long) is to make Americans honestly look at and consider the amount of soda they drink and the effect it has on their health, we say the proposed law is a huge success.

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