Reed Hendricks is a member of the counseling staff at BYU-Idaho. He will be speaking at devotional this week. Here are nine things you need to know about Brother Hendricks before you attend.
  1. He grew up in Sugar City, Idaho.
  2. He served in the California Sacramento Mission.
  3. He has earned a master’s in social work and has done work towards a doctoral degree in counseling psychology.
  4. He attended Ricks College, Utah State University, Eastern Washington University, and BYU.
  5. He worked with LDS Family Services and at a psychiatric hospital.
  6. He has worked at the BYU-I Counseling Center since 1998.
  7. He is currently the bishop for a Rexburg married students ward.
  8. He has five children and 18 grandchildren.
  9. Brother Hendricks met his wife at Ricks College in a preparation for marriage course.