There is a new gaming console making its way to the market.

The Nintendo Switch is designed to let you play games where and when you want, according to

The newest console in the Nintendo family will feature various ways to play, including a TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode, making the console portable, according to

“I’m excited to see how the Switch will do in this generation,” said Alex Treaster, a young mother living in Rexburg.

One of the most revolutionary features of the Switch is the parental controls app that parents can download on their phone.

“It’s not a pretty world out there,” said Treaster. “I would support the parental control feature for sure.”

JOSH JOYNER | Scroll Illustration

The parental control app gives the parents the ability to control the time kids play on the console, see what games the kids are playing and gives the ability for the parents to turn off the communication feature with online play, all from a phone.

Treaster said that games are not as safe as they used to be, and having more control over the child’s gaming consumption is real progress for the gaming world.

In addition to the new parental control app, the Nintendo Switch will feature redefined classic games such as “Mario: Odyssey” and “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” according to

“Zelda always catches my attention,” said Mark Tanner, a junior studying healthcare administration.

Tanner said he has a little girl of his own and is excited to play the Switch with her.

“I have always affiliated Nintendo with family fun, and I preserve my Xbox and Playstation time for friends,” Tanner said.

However excited people are, there are some things about the Switch that are being criticized, according to Matthew Patrick, host of the YouTube channel: The Game Theorist.

Patrick said that Nintendo does not have sufficient partnerships with thirdparty video game creators, therefore minimizing the game selection for the Switch upon its release, according to The Game Theorist.

“Even though it might not be better, people are going to buy it because it is the new thing,” said Crew Johnston, a junior studying communication.

Johnston said that he is more of a progressive gamer and sees Nintendo as a company that threatens that type of gaming.

The number of consoles pre-ordered has surpassed the Playstation 4, according to

Whether you are a Nintendo fan or not, all will have the opportunity to play when the Switch hits the shelves on March 3, according to