With the lines jam-packed, the fans waited patiently to fill the stands for the No-bull Rodeo.

Hugh Baldwin, BYU-Idaho alumnus, has been putting on the event for years. The No-bull Rodeo has now become a family and friends affair as many of the volunteers have worked with Hugh for years.

“It’s the No-bull rodeo,” Baldwin said. “I come back once a year and its awesome.”

“Every time there is a large gathering of Mormons somebody recognizes me, and says ‘Hey man, you put on the rodeo; That’s great,’” said Baldwin.

“I grew up doing it, roping with Hugh and his brothers since I was a little kid. His dad actually used to teach out here at Ricks College where he taught gospel classes and equestrian. He is really deep rooted here in Idaho,” said Ladd Howlett, an assistant to Baldwin.

This event allows students, who have never had the opportunity, to be around the rodeo atmosphere.

“I am here to ride a steer in the rodeo. I am super stoked and excited, and have always wanted to ride a bull and be involved in a rodeo,” said Josh Chronis, a Freshman studying biology.

From experienced riders to novice riders, the range of emotions is great here at the No-bull Rodeo and it’s not just for men, as there are plenty of women that get involved also.

“I love to see those girls try, they all hit hard and they limp away, but to see them try is awesome,” said Baldwin.

“I heard about this rodeo on campus and thought it would be fun to check it out,” said Gavin Bruderer, a sophomore studying nursing.

“I have never ridden a bull or steer before, so this will be the first time,” said Hailey Olsen, a freshman studying biology.

“One-thousand two hundred and forty students and that’s as many people as we can fit in here. It’s a great chance to meet your neighbors, meet your friends. I know for a fact people have met here and are still together. You don’t want to miss the No Bull Rodeo,” said Baldwin.

If you missed this year’s event, there is always next year to watch the rodeo.