Intoxicated individuals are not to receive any beer or wine from vendors in Idaho Falls, according to the Idaho Falls City Council.

Council members decided Oct. 14 that any vendors who sell beer or wine to someone who is already intoxicated could have their license suspended by the city of Idaho Falls.

“We want people to drink responsibly,” said Captain Ken Brown of the IFPD.

There was concern raised as to whether the change in ordinance was for further enforcement or simply for the safety of the people.

Sharon Parry of the Idaho Falls City Council put these concerns at ease by saying this ordinance is not an issue of increased enforcement, but more a notification to helping vendors maintain their license.

“There is responsibility with the license,” Parry said.

“Licenses and their employees are not liable unless the license or employee … knowingly serves a visibly intoxicated guest who is about to drive,” according to Idaho state law.

Captain Brown said in response to this that Idaho Falls is simply bringing city code to state code. He said that Idaho Falls needed the check and balance what state code was providing.