Halloween can be spent this year in another way besides trick-or-treating and parties. This spooky holiday can be spent at Badger Creek at the Halloween Festival.

On Oct. 31 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the OLC will be hosting a festival for students, roommates and friends. This is a new way to spend Halloween by being outdoors, and it costs $5.

“The Halloween festival will be a lot better than staying at home because you get the Halloween experience of dressing up and getting to do outdoor events as well,” said Taylor Pennington, a Badger Creek employee and a freshman studying recreation management. “We are going to have a costume competition that students can participate in.”

This event is not just candy, costumes and masks. Students will have the opportunity to take part in several events and activities that allow them to possibly experience new things.

“Bring friends and roommates to the Outdoor Learning Center for live music, archery, ropes course activities, games, food and more,” according to the event’s page on school website.

Pennington said that there will be pumpkins, rock walls, and their new big attraction, the giant zip line.

“This is going to be an amazing event,” said Joshua Holt, a business management faculty member. “Grab a roommate or a date and spend your Halloween at Badger Creek; you won’t regret it.”

Holt said there are countless opportunities and events to stay busy and meet people in Rexburg.

Pennington said transportation will not be provided to Badger Creek but food will be provided as compensation to all attendees.

Students can carpool or plan ahead to find transportation and make the 45 minute drive to the festival.

The festival is a day event, according to the event’s web page, which allows students time to return home for whatever other Halloween activities they might have planned that night.

The Halloween festival is all student-run, according the event’s web page.

Pennington said the school is always looking for students who are interested in planning and managing these types of events and gaining great experience.

Pennington said the OLC puts on many events that allow students to feel the spirit Badger Creek has to offer.

“Badger Creek is a life changing experience, and it’s different from other universities because it is dedicated, just like on campus,” Pennington said. “You can feel the Spirit here strongly. Come enjoy the fall festivities.”