Opinions from others are just as valid

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Opinions are based on reasoning and belief, and the better people understand others’ perspectives, the better they will be able to make decisions and cooperate with each other.

Willingness to listen to and understand opposing viewpoints shows respect, even if the people involved still don’t agree.

This is just as important in individual relationships as it is in politics and national dialogue. Friends and family members disagree from time to time, and if they seek to understand the other’s viewpoints, conflicts can be resolved without hard feelings.

If, however, we are unwilling to listen to a viewpoint that’s different from our own, we may find ourselves in a difficult situation. Without understanding, persuasion and compromise become all but impossible. Without understanding, intolerance reigns and conflict arises.

This is why we can’t afford to brush off people who disagree with us.

Have you ever seen a husband or wife ignoring the other’s thoughts and views? Have you heard of a congressman or U.N. ambassador telling another that his or her opinion doesn’t matter?

Whether we agree or not, we should at least try to understand the views of those who disagree with us.

It may not change our opinions, but it will at least help us understand each other.

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