The Outdoor Resource Center is offering students the opportunity to explore and enjoy Idaho’s natural hot springs. 

The first of two trips this semester will be held Oct. 9-10 at the Sharkey Hot Springs near Salmon, Idaho. Originally scheduled to venture out to the Goldbug Hot Springs, the ORC relocated the trip after failing to obtain a permit for that location.

Neil Falke, the coordinator for the Sharkey Hot Springs trip and a junior studying geology, said the springs offer a unique opportunity for students to experience natural wonders of the world.

“They are obviously a natural wonder,” Falke said. “Even though they look like a normal mountain spring, they give off a lot of heat.”

Falke said the hot springs are an ideal destination, especially when cooler weather arrives. 

An overnight trip and then a separate day trip will be provided to cater to students’ needs, with the ORC providing transportation, food, and camping essentials. 

According to the ORC Web page, tickets for the overnight trip are $25 and day tickets will cost $17.  Students can reserve their tickets at the Ticket Office in the Kimball Building or online at the Ticket Office Web page.

For more information on the upcoming trip, students can visit the Outdoor Resource Center under the BYU-Idaho Stadium, or online at the Hot Springs Web page.