On Oct. 9 and 23, Outdoor Activities will host S’mores and Stars, an event at Henry’s Fork on the Snake River to teach students about different constellations.

S’mores and Stars is a university-supported activity, which allows students to come together to learn about different galaxies, star clusters and cosmos. Students can enjoy the comfort of a campfire while roasting marshmallows, according to the Outdoor Activities Web page.

“We set up a telescope and while looking at the stars, we reference star charts so we can actually know what we are looking at,” said Rachel Davis, a senior studying environmental science.

Davis said that usually the students go to Henry’s Fork on the Snake River due to the high visibility and the scenery of the countryside.

“I really love getting people outside, and S’mores and Stars is a simple activity, so, just getting people involved in the outdoors in a simple way can lead people to getting involved in bigger ways,” Davis said.

Davis said students usually come in small groups, but everyone comes together to form friendships throughout the night.

“It is an activity that brings a lot of people of different ages together,” Davis said. “It is fun to just meet new people in just this simple way in the outdoors.”

S’mores and Stars is weather dependent and students are recommended to bring a jacket and other appropriate clothing in preparation for the cool night, according to the Outdoor Activities Web page.

Tickets can be purchased at the Kimball Ticket Office or online for $4. Students attending will meet at the ORC under the North side of the stadium at 8 p.m. with the estimated time of return at midnight, according to the Outdoor Activities Web page.