BYU-Idaho students involved with the ROAM IBC Company are striving to help students get out, explore, be adventurous and create memories as they join the ROAM experience.

Sheldon Drake, CEO of ROAM and a junior studying business management, said ROAM stands for Rexburg Outdoor Adventure Movement. He said the company is cool and trendy, and he thought it would appeal to the students and community members.

“In IBC, there are three rotations that you could hold,” Drake said.

Drake said some rotations include being the CEO of the company, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer or Chief Research and Development.

Drake said he was voted as CEO this last week.

Drake said, along with the executive or leadership team, students were put into functional teams by their professors and the business runs just like any      other business.

“To begin the semester, we were split up into three learning teams with four to six people in each team,” Drake said. “We currently have 16 members who are involved in the ROAM Company.”

Drake said he and his classmates wanted to create a business that allowed students and potential customers to get out and explore Rexburg and its surrounding areas, create memories and join the movement of being outdoors.

“We learn how to market, advertise and do finances, but it is all on each individual company member to learn and grow,” Drake said. “We aren’t told or necessarily taught how to do these things, we just go out and learn as we    are going.”

Drake said IBC creates a great experience because students taking the IBC class are able to take the initiative, be creative and learn from their mistakes.

“The products we sell are 18 oz. thermoses — that come in a variety of colors — T-shirts and crew-neck sweatshirts,” Drake said.

Drake said he wants students to join the ROAM experience through purchasing their products. He wants them to have fun, create memories and enjoy being outside.

Anamaria Garcia, a sophomore studying business management, said she likes how the company gives back to its customers.

“They provide deals at other IBC companies at school for those that buy their products,” Garcia said.

Garcia said she thinks ROAM does well in presenting and advertising products.

“The product and display they have on campus draws a lot of attention itself,” Garcia said. “I love their theme, their sweatshirts and the designs they have created.”

Garcia said she will be taking the IBC course in a future semester. She said she does not have any ideas for her future company in mind but is looking for ideas.

Drake said ROAM has improved their marketing efforts through fliers, posters, social media posts and events to attract more students.

“We invite everyone to join the Rexburg Outdoor Adventure Movement,” Drake said. “Come check us out in the MC, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram at ROAMIBC and use the #roamrexburg when posting pictures.”

The ROAM Company has a Facebook page that allows students to check out their products and see other what students have to say about the products.

ROAM is located outside the Manwaring Center ballrooms, and they are open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“With any further questions, you can visit ROAM Rexburg on Facebook where we strive to make the Rexburg experience a little warmer,” Drake said.