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P2B speakers share success stories

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“I want to encourage women not to make their decisions for their future based on what might happen,” Flynn said. “Women do really need to get out there and plan a career for themselves. You don’t know what the future will hold.”

Randy Garn, co-founder of Hero Partners, said a large part of his success came from believing in himself.

“In life, it’s really not about income,” Garn said. “It’s about overcome and become, and understanding that your self-worth has nothing to do with your net worth.”

Garn said he hopes students act on the things they learned at the Power to Become Conference.

“I hope that students walk away from this conference with the ability to think at a higher level,” Garn said.

Williams said she learned how important it is to make connections on LinkedIn and with other students while in school because of how those connections might be an advantage in the future.

“Your network grows and blesses your life in unforeseen ways,” said Stuart Draper, CEO and founder of Stukent.

Draper said skills and knowledge will make up for what a person lacks in networking abilities.

“Success isn’t just about who you know,” Draper said. “It’s also about what you know.”

Garn said it has been important to his success to surround himself with people who make him better.

“Sometimes we think that it’s really easy to think small, but it’s just as easy to think big as it is to think small,” Garn said. “Don’t be afraid to think big.”

Gordon said he learned that it is okay to follow his heart and pursue a career.

“By removing possibilities to fail, we remove possibilities to grow,” said Emily McQueen, a public speaker on overcoming disabilities.

Draper said he came to speak at P2B to touch students’ lives and help them to know that they can start improving their futures starting now.

“You may not remember every piece of council they give you, but they set up an environment where you can think about your life goals and aspirations, and then the Spirit can come in and guide you to the decisions you should make,” Gordon said.

Taggart said students who did not attend the conference should watch the speakers’ talks on the P2B Web page.

“If students want to change the world or if they want to change something in themselves, P2B is a good place to start,” Williams said. “It’s for people who want to do better, not just get by.”

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