Caroline Welty will be returning to Rexburg to speak at the Power to Become Conference 10 years after graduating from BYU-Idaho.

“I am so excited about the opportunity to speak to students about discovering their inner passion,” Welty said.

Welty said she hopes to impact students’ lives in a positive way and leave them thinking differently from when they first attended the conference.

“I am excited to see past professors and to walk around campus,” Welty said. “I had a great time at BYU-Idaho as a student and am excited about the opportunity to give back.”

Although this conference is geared toward students, Welty said she hopes to gain insight as well.

“This is a tremendous opportunity that I have been given to speak in front of a large audience about a topic that is close to my heart,” Welty said. “It’s such a great opportunity to help influence students to be able to unlock their potential and approach life differently by really thinking about what truly motivates them and what they are all about.”

Welty said she plans on sharing her journey and how the experience has been for her to discover her passion at the conference.

“It’s a marathon and not a sprint,” Welty said. “I learn more about myself every day.”

The biggest thing Welty wants students to take away is to start thinking about their passions and how they can tie the passions into their major.

“Altering the way they approach thinking about the passions will be a win for me,” Welty said.