Mala Grewal, a BYU alumna, is an upcoming speaker at the BYU-Idaho Power to Become Conference.

Grewal said she developed her own company, The Talent Cataylst, to help people reach their highest potential in a measurable way.

She said she started asking her friends from Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; and San Francisco, California, towards the end of 2012, “How’s work?”

Grewal said most of her friends only said their job was fine, or just OK.

“I thought, ‘Well you’re really smart. You have multiple degrees. You have so much to offer and to contribute. Why is work ‘fine,’ instead of being fabulous?” Grewal said.

Grewal said her company is centered around helping people find what job they would give their best efforts to, not a job they dread.

She said she wants to help students to strategically pick their major so they can be authentic in their jobs.

Grewal said she is going to host a workshop after the conference to help students start thinking about where they are and if they need a change, what would that change be?

“Instead of just a job you are good at, why not one you will look forward to and describe as ‘amazing’ or ‘awesome,’ and not just ‘fine’?” Grewal said.