Spencer Taggart, a social media marketing professor at LDS Business College, will be the emcee at this weekend’s Power to Become Conference.

“My whole goal is to keep the energy high,” Taggart said.

This is Taggart’s third year attending P2B. He is one of the founders of the event, it being modeled after LDSBC’s event, Learn to Earn.

“The first time we did L2E, it changed so many people’s lives,” Taggart said. “So, when BYU-Idaho called and said, ‘Hey, can you help us put together our own event?’ it was like, ‘Absolutely.’”

Taggart said he is proud of how P2B has turned out.

“I like to inspire people to find their direction in life and learn how to tell their story,” Taggart said, “And so I wanted to create an event that would be unique, that would incorporate not only the business perspective but also the spiritual element but not have it be boring.”

On Saturday, Taggart will be teaching the breakout session, “Tell Your Story.”

“If I had a message to the students, it would be: let the Holy Ghost cement in their hearts the message and the lesson that they particularly and specifically are supposed to learn from each speaker, whether it be spoken or unspoken,” Taggart said.