Change in the world begins with us

We, as Scroll staff, believe that students should work hard to be informed about what is happening around the world, and use that as an incentive to become better professionals.

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The Weekly Image: International Students

Written by Mikayla Clark The percentage of international students has tripled from Spring Semester 2012. Despite Rexburg’s lack of diversity, the university attracts people from a variety of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. According to the Academic Office,...
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10 digit phone dialing will be required in 6 weeks

The following is a news release from the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. BOISE — Beginning Aug. 5, every local call in Idaho will require using the area code. This change from 7-digit dialing to 10-digit dialing will affect every call, be it from an office phone...
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BYU-I auto program is top in the nation

BYU-Idaho used to be a dot on the map for large automotive companies like Ford, Chrysler and Toyota. However, the automotive program at BYU-I has grown into the largest four-year program in the nation according to Justin Miller, an automotive professor at BYU-I. Big...
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Millennials prone to financial woes

Millennials face different sorts of struggles; one of which being finances.

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Why daughters need present fathers

Katy Perry said in Rolling Stones magazine “I don’t need a dude to have children…We are living in the future. I’m not anti-men. I love men, but there is an option if someone doesn’t present himself.” Timothy Rarick disagrees.