BYU- I students threatened with extortion

On Tuesday, two BYU-Idaho students reported separate incidents to the Rexburg Police Department of extortion over social media. According to a Rexburg Police Report, "police received a report where a male had been in a video conversation with a individual on Tinder....
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The stages of midterms

The semester seemed to have just started yet students find themselves realizing professors are starting to send them to the Testing Center to meet their fate.

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College of Physical Sciences and Engineering Forum

“We repurposed and rebuilt the temple,” Newitt said. “God repurposes you into something better and stronger, that’s what we did with the temple.”

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Find joy running for cash

Why BYU-Idaho is the fastest growing campus for a new app, JoyRun

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WATCH: The man behind the art

Meet the man who created the series of artwork known as Lexicons and Signals which was on display in the Jacob Spori Gallery on Thursday, Feb. 15.

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Are you awake yet?

Education is where progress is going to take place. Educate yourself on the opposing side, learn something new and be understanding and have a conversation about gun control, not a match to see who can yell louder.