LDS Church and NAACP join forces

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have begun a partnership with the LDS Church.

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WATCH: BYU-I soccer tournament gears up!

This upcoming Tuesday several of BYU-I student soccer players will take the field to participate in the upcoming playoffs.

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Seeing other stories

Stories reach across all boundaries and walks of life. We can all feel that connection with people who wear different clothes, speak different languages and follow different traditions.

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5 things to do during finals week

During this semester’s finals, we need to stop skipping things that are crucial in our everyday lives and start making them just as much of a priority as our school assignments. Self-care is important too.

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Break the bubble and celebrate our differences

Some people believe that if a woman experiences any kind of success outside of the home, her validity as a woman is void.

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Break the silence on sexual misconduct

“It’s way easier to not talk to anybody about it and to not say anything,” Hansen said. “It’s easier, and it’s what you want to do, because even just talking about it makes you feel sick, but the only way you can heal from things like that is through is by talking about it and getting the help that you deserve.”