MIKE PRICE | Scroll Photography

MIKE PRICE | Scroll Photography

BYU-Idaho nursing and paramedic program conducted a mock simulation of a disaster where a propane tank exploded injuring three people.

Ryan Howard, a senior studying paramedicine, said every semester the department conducts a simulation to help students gain experience.

Nursing and paramedic students don’t get the same experience in a hospital as being able to actually respond to a real life scenario, Howard said.

“They are just going to do what they can to treat the patients until the ambulance can come,” Howard said.

Michael Clark, a junior studying paramedicine, said as part of the simulation he was just sitting around the campfire and the propane tank exploded.

“I’ve got third degree burns, full thickness burns and some shrapnel,” Clark said. “For this scenario I become unconscious. For the nursing students they are trying to do their best to help me out until an ambulance arrives.”

Katrina Bath, a sophomore studying paramedicine, said her job was to be a distraction for the nursing students.

“I just have some minor cuts and stuff,” Bath said. “I’m just trying to take their focus away from things that might be more serious.”

She said the students were doing their job really well by not allowing themselves to be distracted to help her by trying to calm her down.

Kylee Smith, a senior studying nursing, said the simulation was a great learning experience for her.

“It’s a little scary,” Smith said. “We’re just nurses, we’re not really trained to be emergency responders yet. It’s just a good learning experience to be out here having the EMT’s teach us the proper way to care for something like this.”