Tyler Stringham, a senior majoring in international studies and ambassador to BYU-Idaho for the Peace Corps is hosting an info session to learn more about ways to serve on July 7, 2016. The event will be held in the Jacob Spori buliding, Room 35 at 7:30 P.M.

Stringham said the event is meant to promote the Peace Corps, get people started, and in general to educate people about what the Peace Corps is.

“Most importantly, what we’re going to be doing is showing a documentary,” Stringham said. “It’s called Girl Rising; it’s made by the Peace Corps. It’s about the importance of education for women in third world countries and how that brings the whole society out of poverty.”

According to peacecorps.gov, the Peace Corps is an organization devoted to tackling the problems of today by sending innovative, change-inspiring people abroad to work side-by-side with local leaders to make a difference in communities all over the world.

Stringham said while the goals of the Peace Corps and other organizations such as Help International accomplish a similar goal, there are some key differences.

“The Peace Corps is a government organization that has been around since the Kennedy days,” Stringham said. “Kennedy was actually inspired by some religious mission in the United States to create this two-year volunteer program.”

Stringham said while those who volunteer for the Peace Corps are not preaching the gospel and changing lives that way, they are still blessing lives in enormous ways.

Stringham said the Peace Corps needs all types of people to use specific skills in the communities in which they might serve.

“Business majors are awesome,” Stringham said. “Most small businesses don’t even know how to do accounting sheets. They’d be able to help them get their businesses rolling and alleviate poverty in that area.”

Stringham said communication, international relations and education students would have the skills to go out and educate the people and to bring people to want to learn more.

“Health students would be great for something else,” Stringham said. “Everyone serves a purpose.”

Logan Mower, a sophomore studying business management said organizations like the Peace Corps offer opportunities for students that they just cannot get any other way.

“If you have the chance to do something like this, you’d be growing in ways that no normal internship could really offer,” Mower said. “You’re getting experience, but you’re doing so much more than that.”