BRIANNE SHIRTS|Scroll Photography

BRIANNE SHIRTS | Scroll Photography

Q: What are some of the ways that your Native American background has influenced your life?

“Well, in one way, my tribe, the Cheroenhakka Nottoway Indians, are still fighting a lot of prejudice. For instance, in Virginia in 1924, Walter Plecker created the Racial Integrity Act, and what that did, that created only two races of people in the State of Virginia; white and colored. And so, through paper genocide, if you are Native American, you couldn’t own land, you couldn’t marry outside your race, and things like that. And so my tribe, up to this day, is still fighting that, along with the other ten tribes in Virginia.”

-Two Eagles Wright, Humanities, Junior


Kelsey Barrett | Scroll Photography

KELSEY BARRETT | Scroll Photography

Q: What is your favorite quality about each other?

“She is just always so positive.”

“Well first off, he is a really good hand-holder, don’t try it. He just has a way of making everything okay.”

-Emma Koepsell, Art Education, Senior,

Hans Koepsell, Photography, Senior


Hailey Thomas | Scroll Photography

HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography

Q: How have you enjoyed the music program?

“I love it. It’s wonderful. The teachers are, what’s the word? They are helpful, they are good at teaching; they are not just good at what they do, but they are good at teaching as well and I really appreciate that because there is a difference.”

-Linda Seare, Music Education, Senior


ELISE WALLIS | Scroll Photography

ELISE WALLIS | Scroll Photography

Q: What kind of dancing do you do?

“I actually took a modern dance class and that was lots of fun. I think it’s beautiful when people can express themselves in the way they feel like they naturally can with their body. That’s why, I think, I am so attracted to that and taekwondo. Because martial arts, I believe, isn’t just some magical thing that is given to people to beat up anyone that they want to. It’s a way to better yourself, to bring out the best you.”

-Danny Clark, Exercise & Physiology, Senior


IAN YOUNG | Scroll Photography

IAN YOUNG | Scroll Photography

Q: Is archery a hobby?

“It’s not really a hobby . . . yet. I went hunting once with my uncle, this last fall and it was the first time I had really done anything like that before. I didn’t have a bow, he did, and we ended up getting an animal and it was really cool just how it all happened. That Christmas, I got a bow and took an archery class and it all ended up well from there.”

-Tanner Raymond Palmer, Exercise & Physiology, Junior