MEGAN HOYT | Scroll Photography

MEGAN HOYT | Scroll Photography

Q: How did you end up with two broken arms?

A: I was playing basketball in the I-center and fell and broke both my arms 2 weeks ago.

Q: Have you learned anything from this injury?

A: Don’t show off.

Q: Has it been hard to keep a positive attitude while struggling with this injury?

A: No, not really. Other events have been happening in my life that are so huge and good so far that it’s been pretty awesome to not really focus on my broken arm. Obviously, there’s physical, financial, mental and even emotional barriers that come from it, but I just keep trying to be positive.

-Jacob Butler, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering


BRIANNE SHIRTS | Scroll Photography

BRIANNE SHIRTS | Scroll Photography

Q: What’s one of your favorite things to do here in Rexburg?

A: Bonfires. Definitely my favorite thing to do.

Q: Where do you like to go?

A: Out to the sand dunes.

Q: How often do you go out there?

A: Probably like, once every two weekends or so. So, pretty frequently. I’ve got a lot of friends with trucks that can truck out wood.

-Hailey Kowalski, Junior, Communication


DELANEY NELSON | Scroll Photography

DELANEY NELSON | Scroll Photography

Q: What is your dating strategy?

A: My strategy in dating is to be really forward and show that I am interested, but still allow them to make moves. But none of the secret crush crap. I am very open with my feelings. However, I don’t message them all the time or act like I am thinking about them all the time even if I really am.

-Kellsey Norris, Freshman, English Education


NATHAN FLEMING | Scroll Photography

NATHAN FLEMING | Scroll Photography

Q: What is one change you want to see in the world?

A: I don’t necessarily want to change the world, but I do want to make a change. I want to be able to change people’s lives one by one. I want to influence the world individually.

Q: If you could be an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

A: I would be cookies and cream. I mean, cookies and cream is everyone’s favorite, and who doesn’t want to be a favorite?

-Michelle Crosby, Accounting, Senior