Story written by Sam Dalton

For Andrew Carver and Sarah Helwig, Temple Square has become their latest rendezvous point in their long distance relationship

“I’m from San Jose California,” Sarah said. “I’m from right outside Baltimore,” Andrew added.

They met each other while Andrew was on an internship in California. They’ve made it work by taking time to travel and see one another.

“We’ve been trying the long distance thing, meeting up every few months or so,” Andrew said.

For their spring break this year they visited Utah. They spent their last day on temple square to see the Temple and other landmark buildings because they feel they are the hallmark of the city.

“It’s one of those things where if you come here you can’t afford to miss it,” Sarah said. “It very much makes up part of the city.”

Andrew and Sarah are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, yet even on one of the busiest days of the year, where members come together for general conference to hear the prophet and other leaders of the LDS church speak, they could feel the energy and the welcome atmosphere.

“It’s almost a little intimidating this many people and all these beautiful structures,” Andrew said. “It’s kind of serene but also there’s a lot of energy.”

Sarah pointed out how intertwined the city of Salt Lake is with the Church and said it is something everyone should come and see, especially to understand the members of the LDS Church.

“You can’t talk about Salt Lake City without hearing about the Mormon church and the temple and whatnot,” Sarah said. “For something that is such a big landmark you definitely have to come check it out and dispel all the rumors for yourself that you hear about other Mormons as well.”

Sarah continued saying that not all Mormons are doughty or look like they’re from the 1800’s.

“They’re definitely just like other people and walking around here you don’t feel like you’re any different,” Sarah said.

Andrew added that Temple Square really is worth visiting.

“It seems simple but it’s a really nice place,” Andrew said.