Calum Wark met the woman who would eventually become his wife while they were serving their missions in New Zealand.

Once their missions ended, however, things became a little trickier: Wark was from Glasgow, Scotland, and his wife was from Arizona.

After Wark and his wife were married last December, they decided to move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

“It’s the complete opposite from Scotland,” Wark said. “I’m getting sunburned every day.”

Wark said living so far from his family is not as difficult as he expected it to be.

“I was used to being away from my family because of my mission,” Wark said. “Now I get to keep in touch with them more than I did on my mission, so that’s nice.”

At the Saturday session of general conference, Wark stood out from the crowd with his green kilt and bright red hair.

“This is my first time at conference,” Wark said. “I’m so excited. I’ve met apostles before and I’ve felt that spirit straight away. Just to be in the room with all the apostles and Church authority is exciting.”

While Wark is anxious to be in the presence of the apostles and prophets of the Church, he said he does not think it matters how or where one watches conference.

“As long as you watch it with the right intent, the spirit will be the same,” Wark said. “I feel as though when you’ve got the opportunity to be in the presence of prophets and apostles, you should take that opportunity. I’m looking forward to being in their presence, but I know the learning I receive will be the same of learning that I have received other times watching conference.”