For years, Jeremy Williams had been talking about taking his son, Raylen, to general conference.

“I’d been talkin’ it for a few years now, and I just didn’t take action to make it come to fruition,” he said.


HELAMAN JUAREZ | Scroll Photography

The Williams family live in North Carolina, and Jeremy Williams said it would have been a big trip to make.

“Finally I just said, ‘Ya know what? If I don’t do it, I’m not gonna do it,’ so I called and booked tickets,” he said.

Wednesday, April 30, Jeremy and Raylen Williams began their first trip to attend general conference.

“I wanted my son to see what it’s like to feel the Spirit and to be around the brethren, so that maybe the Spirit will touch his soul and solidify his testimony of the things that we teach him,” he said. “Hopefully this’ll be something that he’ll never forget.”

Jeremy Williams said that he and Rylen were able to attend the Priesthood Session and both of the Sunday sessions of general conference.

“It’s a spiritual high,” Jeremy Williams said. “It’s not the same as entering in the Temple, but (it almost is), ya know? The Spirit’s just so strong you don’t want it to leave, you wanna soak it up and stay here.”

He said that while he knows this could be a once in a lifetime experience for him and his son, he

HELAMAN JUAREZ | Scroll Photography

HELAMAN JUAREZ | Scroll Photography

hopes they can make it back to conference someday.

“Overall, it’s been a spectacular — I can’t even explain the experience that I’ve had,” he said.