People of BYU-I: Rebecca, Randee and Timmerie

KATE LEONARD | Scroll Photography

KATE LEONARD | Scroll Photography

Q: What is your favorite thing you really like to bake?

A: I don’t cook.

Q: You don’t cook? Bake? What is one thing you really like to bake?

A: I like making cookies. I made peanut butter cookies the other day.

Q: Do you prefer hamburgers or hot dogs?

A: Oh that is hard. They are both so good. I like hot dogs if I can do it. I don’t like them boiled. I like to do them on the stove, cut open and cook them until they are almost burnt, with mustard. But I would probably choose a hamburger.

-Rebecca Smaellie, Freshman, Art Education


ELISE WALLIS | Scroll Photography

ELISE WALLIS | Scroll Photography

Q: If you had 5 minutes on international television and could say anything you want, what would you say?

A: So, maybe, talking about how much happier we are when we are serving others and looking at others instead of ourselves. I think that is why we are so unhappy because we keep focusing on ourselves and what we need and what is going on with us and that’s depressing. Loving others and really focusing outward on what other people need that is what brings real happiness.

-Randee Call, Sophomore, Marriage and Family Studies


SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

Q: How did you like growing up in Rexburg?

A: I really enjoyed growing up in Rexburg. I lived out in Hibbard, so I technically wasn’t in the city. I was out in the country, and it was really nice, and everyone here and in my ward was super kind. It’s a good place to grow up, I liked it a lot.

-Timmerie Bell, Senior, Illustration

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