Right: Matt Eden Left: Deven Neu

Right: Matt Eden Left: Deven Neu

Matt Eden and Deven Neu walked across the Conference Center sidewalk wearing knee-length kilts and white button-down shirts.

Eden and Neu came all the way from Canada to Salt Lake City to feel the spirit of Conference.

“Conference is kind of special for us because it’s such an effort for us to be able to come down here,” Matt Eden said.

“It’s a bit of an effort and I feel like it makes a big difference when you’re showing and demonstrating your faith,” Eden said. “Heavenly Father answers your prayers. At least that’s my impression.”

Eden said he first came to General Conference for the last Semi-annual session, and it was really special because he was having a hard time at that time in his life.

“My friend had passed away coming down, and it’s amazing how Heavenly Father just answers your prayers and you come and you show that you’re willing to receive answers to your prayers,” Eden said.

Eden said everybody who comes to Conference gets blessings because everybody is putting in an effort.

“But I think for us, who have to travel farther, it’s more of a growing experience for us just because the whole experience, the atmosphere is very different,” Eden said.

“This is my first time actually being here for live Conference, so it’s definitely been quite the experience already. I feel like I’m a rock star.” Neu said.​