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Scroll Photography

“I’m from England,” Matthew Gough said. “I was looking for the next step in my education.”

Gough said going to Idaho State University was an answer to his prayers as to where to continue his education.

“The British education system, with the university I was heading towards, the requirements are perfection,” Gough said. “While I had good grades, it wasn’t quite enough for perfection.”

Gough said he was taking an extra year in school to attain the standard necessary for England universities.

“At that time, I had enough to go into a University in America,” Gough said. “With that, I got my answer to prayer, I got the answer to go to a University now. And Idaho State was the answer I got.”

“And I researched it, and I thought, Pocatello. I’ve never heard of that place.” Gough said.

Gough said he is a junior studying the outdoor education program with the intent to go on to be an occupational therapist.

“It’s splendid,” Gough said. It’s not quite as pretty as some of the places around here, but they’ve got mountains, they’ve got white water rafting, climbing, and more YSA in that one town than my entire country.”