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Scroll Photography

Part of the experience of attending General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, is walking by the anti-Mormon protestors on the way to the Conference Center, who are usually hanging around right outside of Temple Square.

For the past 4 conferences Skyler Baird felt he wanted to add a pro-Mormon voice among all the negative protests against the Church. He stands in front of a banner which also mentions his YouTube channel,

“These people are trying to cause contention and have people lose the spirit,” Baird said. “If I can remind people to pray for them, love them and remember that they are God’s children, it brings a lighter spirit to the Conference environment.”

Baird said the more he has seen members of the Church respond with love, the less power the protestors have.

“I’ve seen a lot of my friends and a lot of my family members fall victim to a lot of these arguments on why the Church isn’t true,” Baird said. “I’ve had such great spiritual experiences to know that I can’t deny that the Church is true.”

Baird said there is a lot he does not personally understand in this life but he does know that God lives and that He loves all of His children.

“I’ve found the more that I can spread that message and help people listen to God, we’ll all be a lot happier,” Baird said.