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Rexburg officials are looking for families or individuals willing to open their homes to performers from around the world for the Idaho International Summerfest, said Donna Benfield, the executive director of the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce.

Benfield said dance teams from China, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, various parts of Polynesia and the United States will spend 10 days in Rexburg, from July 10-19, performing their acts, participating in activities and touring the town.

Benfield said performers from China, Israel, Japan, Mexico and Mongolia still need homes to reside in. The city needs approximately 30 homes.

Benfield said each host family can decide which performers to receive into its home based on gender, age, number and country.

The necessary amenities for the performers are bedrooms, beds, meals and transportation to and from the Madison High School each day. Also, Benfield said some performers might need to be picked up and dropped off during the day for various reasons.

Benfield said the Chamber of Commerce will hold a host-family meeting approximately one week before dance teams arrive and each host family will receive a schedule for the performers they will house.

Benfield said each host family receives free tickets to performances, host family T-shirts and coupons from approximately 20-30 local businesses that the family can use for the performers and themselves.

“I believe the biggest benefit is the opportunity to meet and get to know people from other countries,” Benfield said.

Kari Archibald, a BYU-Idaho recreation management advisor, said she housed performers many times for Idaho’s Summerfest from 1998-2007.

“My motivation was different cultural experiences for my children,” Archibald said.

Archibald said those experiences had a positive impact on her children. She said they seek opportunities to interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Archibald said housing a dance team can also allow Rexburg citizens to get to know each other better, especially those who house performers from the same dance teams.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that happens every summer, and we hope you will join us,” Benfield said.

Those interested in more information or housing performers may contact the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce at 208-356-5700.