Some may say that being single is less than desirable. I think not.

Why, you may ask?

Well, let me tell you.

First, when you’re single, you can spend more time with your roommates. Or, in other words, talking about the cute guys or gals in your ward and making so much food together that you end up watching a chick flick or action movie on the couch in your stretchiest pajama bottoms so you don’t impede your stuffed tummy.

Honestly. I know You’ve Got Mail like the back of my hand because of this. And, yes, I own comfy pajamas.

Second, you don’t have to share         the couch. Unless, of course, you’re having a roommate party. Then, having the couch to yourself is a figment of your imagination.

Third, you get to shamelessly ring check every young man or woman who fits your fancy to admire how the Good Lord blessed them.

More often than not, because it is “BYU-I-do,” most of them do have rings. Ah, well. Off to the next!

Fourth, you get to catch up on your homework. Look at all those A’s and B’s lining up to greet you.

Getting good grades never looked so good.

Fifth, speaking of homework. Nah, just kidding. Let’s talk about books. You finally get to read those books on your shelf that have felt so abandoned.

Reading is a great way to de-stress after all that homework you so valiantly plowed through.

Sixth, naps. You get to spend some quality time with your pillow as you dream about that Tasty cheesecake video recipe you saw on Facebook.

NASA discovered that you increase your performance by 34 percent and your alertness by 54 percent just by taking a short, 26-minute nap, according to Online College Courses, a blog compiling information about the best online schools available to help students reach their academic and career goals.

Seventh, if you’re not into naps, there is always that series on Netflix that you could binge watch without a care.

You don’t have to wait for that certain someone to be there to watch it with you. Go ahead and watch that series with eight seasons in a week or two.

Eighth, your dating pool goes from a single goldfish in a fishbowl to a Latter-day Saint ocean of gentlemen and ladies just waiting to enjoy a delicious meal or a fun activity with you.

Going for a walk or playing a game on a group date is always fun. The perks are that each time you go on a date, you get to know a different guy or gal.

Ninth, you get to be the troll of all the relationships happening around you, and, let me tell you, it’s so fun.

Hopping over the couples in the gardens or knocking on car windows is positively exhilarating.

And finally, you get more time with your best friend. Go make some snow angels. Go shopping. Go to your favorite restaurant. Go to the cheap seats.

Parks and Recreation, a hilarious NBC TV show, taught me a lot of things. One that specifically stuck was to “treat yo’ self.” What better way to get away from the stresses of dating than to go shopping for that special Batman suit or get that much needed massage?

So don’t you worry about that “Ring by Spring” jingle that jumps around your pretty little skull every day or the dreaded “Why are you still single?” question.

You’re great. Go on dates with people. The right one will come along, and then you can put a ring on it because you like them just that much.