For years, Eli Sutherin, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, has loved hitting the gym. Now, as a BYU-Idaho student, he helps others enjoy their gym experience as a fitness consultant.

All students can come and receive a free personal training session with one of many fitness consultants on campus.

“Our basic idea is to help them understand what to do in the fitness center so that they can work out on their own… and basically help them to establish a good fitness plan for their life,” Sutherin said.

Those coming to the gym can get a guide to help them make the most out of their time.

John Kent, a junior studying exercise physiology says he has some of the benefits of having a trainer.

“Having a personal trainer can help you if you don’t really know what to do at the gym, how to get started, give you the tools you need to start writing your own programs so you can workout by yourself or passing it forward so you can being teaching somebody else,” Kent said.

The sessions are based on the schedules of the trainers and participants and include a variety of activities.

“About an hour is usually what it lasts,” Sutherin said. “We do a warm up with a stretch, usually some weight-bearing exercises, cardio, and then we’ll cool down with some more stretching. We do tailor to people as much as we can.”

Sutherin and other trainers encourage all to come and experience working out with a fitness consultant.

“Come to the gym; ask for a trainer,” Sutherin said. “That’s honestly the first step. We’ll tailor the workout to your needs, help you figure out your goals if you don’t know them, or just show you the road to go down for your goals that you have. We’ll help you with anything we can… We’re here to help as much as we can.”

To get in touch with a personal trainer, you can call or go to the front desk of the fitness center in the John W. Hart Building.