Staying true to the dating culture of BYU-Idaho, anywhere you go has the potential thought, “I could meet someone here.” But is that how it should be when you go to the gym? You’re hot. You’re sweaty.

Is that another thing you want to worry about along with the speed of your mile or the amount you can press?

“I think at the right moment it can be OK,” said Austin Moser, a sophomore studying exercise physiology. “If somebody is in the middle of something, and you just walk up to them, it can be rude.”

Ginny Brown, a freshman majoring in general studies, said it all depends on how they come across.

“My initial thought would be that ‘wow he’s really shallow,'” Brown said.

Garrett Miller, a senior majoring in Health Science, pretended to ask Callie Su, a senior majoring in Child Development, out on a date at the gym.

She said it seems like the gym is a more masculine environment and it would be more of an impulse than actually meaning something. She said she feels like it would be more appropriate if you already had seen each other at the gym a couple times and had a conversation before asking the person out.

Mens Fitness magazine recommends that when a man chooses to compliment a woman at the gym, he try to look for something other than her body to comment on. Try asking about clothes or what she is training for.

Cami Adams, a sophomore studying psychology, said if you do not want to be asked out it is a good idea to wear headphones.

Would it be strange for a girl to ask a guy out at the gym?

“Absolutely not,” Moser said. “[She is] taking initiative. Be yourself.”

Brown said the gym may not be a place you thought you would be asking someone out at, but “It is a social gathering place; usually people go to social gatherings to get to know each other.”