Here are some basic tips on how to plan for this seven-week summer break. Whether you are staying in or going out, here are some things you can do to make this summer memorable:

1. Pick your place

“There are many ways to get a cheap flight,” according to

If you are driving, consider collaborating with friends to save money on gas, according to This will also help lighten the responsibility for the driver.

2. Look for lodging

Try finding a home or room rental.

“If you’re staying somewhere for several nights, consider renting a room, home or apartment from popular services Airbnb or HomeAway,” according to “In addition to getting to experience the local scene, you’ll likely have kitchen access, which can help cut travel costs.”

Also consider using Hipmunk, Expedia and Orbitz to get a good deal online, according to

3. Save to have fun

Try eating in more than out, according to

Using public transportation will end up saving you more money than using an uber or taxi. Look for free sites and entertainment. Look for public and community events for free, according to

“Most city and town governments update their website with the local event calendars and activity guides,” according to “Time Out also offers great activity and event recommendations for over 50 cities worldwide.

4. Plan as much as you can in advance

“This is a no brainer, but you want to keep in mind at all times how much booking ahead will save you ultimately,” according to

Lastly, take advantage of the online resources such as Living Social and Groupon to get great discounts on local venues, according to

Make this summer a memorable one without breaking the bank.