On Monday, April 17 the Rexburg Police Department began investigations on a group of students at Madison Junior High School for making threats to “shoot up the school,” according to East Idaho News.

Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman said during a press conference six boys were involved in the threats, which were made while playing online video games in late February and early March.

“These comments were made in extremely poor taste and in bad judgment,” Turman said. “The kids made the comments after losing an online game and we take it very serious.”

BYU-Idaho has I-Prepare, a program which is a guide for various emergencies and provides the necessary information required to help the BYU-I community prepare for and respond to these situations.

The I-Prepare guide contains emergency plans and step-by-step instructions in three main categories: safety and security, natural disasters and health risks.

The safety and security section provides how-to-react instructions for situations involving active shooters, car accidents, sexual and physical assault, bomb threats and riots.

Turman said police met with parents and found none of the students had weapons in their home.

“Our main goal is to make sure students and staff are protected and able to learn,” Lords said, according to East Idaho News.

The Rexburg city prosecutor is determining whether criminal charges should be filed.