A BYU-Idaho student was released on scene with minor injuries after sustaining a hit-and-run from what witnesses said was a black Toyota Tacoma late Monday night near the BYU-I Center. The accident, which occurred at about 11 pm, was witnessed by several people.
The victim, Amanda Kelley, was crossing 4th South at 1st West, near the Shakeout restaurant. She had minor injuries and was driven home by a police officer. Police are currently looking for the driver involved in the hit-and-run.
“We were following this black truck from the roundabout [near the Manwaring Center],” said Austin Rollins, a freshman studying biology. “He was driving kind of recklessly and blasted through the stop sign and hit the girl.”
Witnesses said the girl rolled onto the hood of the truck before falling off on the side of the road near Shakeout.
“She limped onto the sidewalk near the Shakeout sign on the corner,” Rollins said.
The truck looked fairly new according to Rollins and other witnesses.
Kelley was checked for injuries on scene by paramedics and was released with scrapes and bruises.
“She said she hit her head on the concrete,” said Lindsey Lomax, a sophomore studying business. “It took the ambulance just a few minutes to get here.”
Lomax and Rollins kept Kelley company while the ambulance arrived and said she looked okay.
“She was smiling and laughing,” Rollins said. “She looked all right, just a little shaken .”
If you have any information about the accident, please contact the Rexburg Police Department at 208-359-3008.