Picking a major is one of the most important decisions a student makes. Your major is what sets you up for possible careers and for, potentially, the rest of your life. Here are the top majors at BYU-Idaho.

Business Management

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Using a business management degree, students are able to go on in life to succeed in a work environment and rise quickly through the ranks of a work environment. Most classes meet in the Joseph F. Smith Building, and the office is in Smith 231. People with this major can continue on to a variety of jobs, including human resource specialists or continue on to create their own business.


Exercise Physiology

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Many people declare this as their major because it has many of the basic required classes before switching over to a different major. The major itself focuses on the scientific study of the human body. The gym is in the John W. Hart Building. You can go on to become a personal trainer or even go on to continue in sports injury helping players in whatever sport you wish.



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A biology major is good for wanting to continue on in all things relating to biology and into more complex biology related fields, like marine biology. The offices are located in the Ezra Taft Benson Life, Agricultural and Biological Sciences Building. You can become a biology teacher, a researcher or go on into something more exotic like marine biology.


Elementary Education

BYU-I students volunteer to help and be role models for students that have special needs. According to Idaho Falls District 91’s Web page, the school district serves more than 900 students with disabilities and special needs through a variety of programs.


After completing the major at BYU-Idaho, students will be able to apply for a K-8 Idaho Education Teaching License. Most offices are located in the Gordon B. Hinckley Building. You can become a teacher using this major.



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Communication has a lot of sub-categories, and many people use it along with a business degree. Most communication majors meet in the Jacob Spori Building. Using this major, many students enter into the news world and become reporters, journalists or TV specialists.

Did your major make the list?