Home of biblical figure Goliath found in Israel

AMIRA_A | Flickr Creative Commons

AMIRA_A | Flickr Creative Commons

A massive gate unearthed in Israel may have marked the entrance to a biblical city that may be the home to the biblical figure Goliath, according to CNN.

The town, called Gath, was occupied until the ninth century B.C. In biblical accounts, the Philistines — the mortal enemies of the Israelites — ruled the city. The Old Testament also describes Gath as the home of Goliath, the giant warrior whom the Israelite King David killed with a slingshot.

The new findings reveal just how impressive the ancient Philistine city once was, said lead archaeologist of the current excavation, Aren Maeir, of Bar-Ilan University in Israel, according to CNN.

“We knew that Philistine Gath in the 10th to ninth century [B.C.] was a large city, perhaps the largest in the land at that time,” Maeir said to CNN. “These monumental fortifications stress how large and mighty this city was.”

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