Robert F. Pothier, a former service missionary for BYU-Idaho, challenged the students to trust that God knows what they need and their righteous desires.

He shared a story from his freshman year of college when he was confused about the timing of going to college and going on a mission.

“If there is anyone in this audience thinking about going on a mission, go now,” said Theordore Tuttle, the speaker of a devotional he attended.

Pothier said that when students have their foundations built on Christ, their heart will desire righteous things that God will answer.

Pothier said once students have that strong foundation they can become transition people. Transition people make choices that can affect their children and their families for generations after.

“Personal revelation is your life-line to God,” Pothier said.

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Pothier said when students are worthy of personal revelation and garnish their thoughts with virtue, God will direct them.

Pothier said the students should question their decisions, such as who should they marry and when should they start a family. He said the students must have faith that God will lead them.

Pothier said students should never use the excuse that they do not have time for a family because God made that time for that family. He said eternal families are a privilege and a blessing.

“Choose your love, and love your choice,” Pothier said.

Pothier said students should respect their spouses. He said each spouse brings a unique perspective to the relationship.

Pothier said everyone must make a personal sacrifice.

“It is a question of faith,” Pothier said. “Live by faith, not fear.”