On May 9 at about 1 p.m., there was a power outage in Rexburg and surrounding areas.

The cause of the outage was a substation fire.

“A substation is a high-voltage electric system facility. It also is used to change AC voltages from one level to another, and/or change alternating current to direct current or direct current to alternating current,” according to the United States Department of Labor.

Approximately 23,879 customers were affected by the outage, according to Rocky Mountain Power.

A crew was dispatched to investigate this outage and repairs are underway.

Citizens and businesses in Rigby, Rexburg, St. Anthony, Sugar City, Teton, Ashton, Chester, Marysville and Newdale experienced outages.

Electricity was restored at 3:35 p.m., according to Rocky Mountain Power.