On Friday Oct. 30, The Eastern Idaho Public Health District issued a precaution for water usage to food handlers in Rexburg.
The temporary precautions will apply to food handlers, hospitals and other commercial service providers where water is used when preparing their products, according to the city of Rexburg website.
City Attorney Stephen Zollinger said the action came after high counts of coliform bacteria were discovered slightly above food-code levels during routine tests, according to Local News 8.
The East Idaho Public Health Department has sent out a statement to these establishments with temporary precautions until the system is fixed.
According to Local News 8, Zollinger said residents did not need to be concerned, but food handlers need to have a high standard for safety.
“Idaho Food Code requires that a food establishment provide safe, potable water for drinking, food preparation, warehousing and hand washing uses at all times,” according to the East Idaho Public Health Department.