The Disciple-Leader Conference is Feb. 27. Here’s how you can prepare:

How President Baron has prepared:

President Ross Baron, the keynote speaker for the conference and a religion professor, said he prepared for his address by attending the temple, fasting, praying, studying scriptures, pondering and meditating.

What will be talked about:

Baron said he wouldn’t reveal the contents of his talk, but he has been mulling over what it means to be a man versus a male adult.

“Somebody could be anatomically an adult and not be a man,” Baron said. “Somebody could be anatomically a female adult and not be a woman. And when Pilot brings Jesus out and says, ’Behold the man,’ I’m using that as kind of a standard by which we judge. So a man, in my view, isn’t just an adult male. It’s somebody who uses, in the case of a man, his intellect and strength to serve others. So let’s say you have an adult male who plays video games all day, who doesn’t have any goals or aspirations and who basically satisfies his own desires: not a man.”

How students can prepare:

The Disciple-Leader Conference’s Web page asks students to read Elder David A. Bednar’s October 2012 general conference address, “Converted unto the Lord,” and Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson’s October 2013 general conference address, “Be Ye Converted.”

“The key characteristics associated with conversion are experiencing a mighty change in our hearts, having a disposition to do good continually, going forward in the path of duty, walking circumspectly before God, keeping the commandments and serving with unwearied diligence,” said Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in his address, “Converted unto the Lord.”

Baron said students should come eager and open to learn.

“I think a freshness to be there and to be taught — I think that’s the best way to come so that your heart’s open, your heart’s soft, your mind’s open, and then the spirit can work,” Baron said.