Jonathan Hald, a freshman studying music, stood in the middle of his apartment bedroom, the white envelope clutched against his chest. He took a deep breath, placed his fingers on the seal and tore the envelope open. As his eyes finished reading his call, a feeling of joy came over him. He woke up.

“I had a dream about my mission call a week before I opened my call in front of my friends,” Hald said. “By the time I did open my call, I felt such a strong confirmation of where I was going.”

Hald said a missionary is a young woman or man who preaches the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. They leave their homes and help others come unto Christ.

According to Mormon Newsroom, the number of full-time missionaries serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is 74,079.

Hald said that one way he prepared for his mission was by watching his actions. One of the first things that Hald did was pick up a copy of Preach My Gospel. Preach my Gospel helped Hald develop a testimony of the things he would be teaching on his mission.

Hald said another way he prepared to go on a mission was by making sure the things he listened to and watched were in harmony with his calling.

“I made sure I was not watching anything in the slightest inappropriate,” Hald said.

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Jacob Moore, a junior studying graphic design, said that when he was called to be a missionary, he was the first missionary in his family.

His grandparents on his father’s side met the missionaries when Moore’s father was four years old. The Moore family joined the church shortly afterward, though their membership activity was on and off.

Moore said It was not until his father met his mother that the Moores became active church members.

“Because of my parents and grandparents not going on missions, I was the first one in my family that went out on my mission,” Moore said. “It was very special to be the first one out.”

Moore said his father helped him prepare for his mission by being an example to him. Moore’s father was the kind of man who was worthy of the Priesthood.

Shelby Worthy, a junior studying elementary education, said her missionary trainer spoke no English when she landed in Potocy, Bolivia. While the pair of Sister Missionaries walked around their area, thoughts of Worthy’s mother filled her mind.

“My mother is the most spiritual and hardworking person I know,” Worthy said.

Worthy said her mother was a strong influence on her mission. Her example of always asking for the Lord’s help in every decision was something Worthy took on her mission.

“My mother helped me develop a relationship with Christ,” Worthy said. “When I went on my mission, I had the desire to share my relationship.”

Robert Macias, a sophomore studying health education, stood at the pulpit in front of a couple hundred people. His hands shook with a mixture of excitement and fear. His battle was over, and it was time to speak of his experiences of the Ohio Cleveland Mission.

“It was my ward family, my bishop and especially my family who helped me prepare for my mission,” Macias said. They were a good influence on me. They were always helping me.”

Macias said his temple preparation teacher, Brother Lambert, helped Macias learn about the temple. It was Brother Lambert who was Macias’ escort for the temple.

“He is one of my favorite ward members,” Macias said. “they helped me a lot with my spiritual preparation.”