BYU-I secrets is a Facebook page growing in popularity among student on campus. The page says “send your secrets in as messages, and we will post them anonymously to the wall for you. Nothing illegal, just what you really feel but don’t feel safe saying out loud. No judging and no hating.”

On March 14th, President Kim B. Clark expressed concern about students posting confessions to BYU-I secrets page.

“When you do things online, you -and you do them anonymously….. You’re basically saying, ‘I am not actually myself.’”

Since then, rumors have been flying about a pending lawsuit.

“There is no lawsuit in this situation, it’s just a matter of- we’re looking at our options. We’re looking at how our name and our trademarks are being used, and then we’ll just determine the best way forward from there.”

Since President Clark’s statement, the admins of BYU-I Secrets have changed the page to use the acronym BYU-I as “Bring Your Unusual Idaho Secrets” and edited their page to show they are not associated with the school.

The admins say, “The BYU-I Secrets Facebook page was not made to hurt or be a threat to the school, but rather a safe place for students to come to and vent their feeling without being scared of recourse.”

President Clark mentioned students should not fear confession. He also noted it is an important part of repentance, and that doing so in public is inappropriate.

“The Lord is there, and so- I would invite anyone who has participated in that site anonymously or confessed inappropriately to come back.”