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President Clark Gilbert gave spiritual guidance in his second question and answer forum Thursday, June 11 in the Taylor Chapel.

Myles Primm, a freshman studying communication, asked President Gilbert how he finds time to go to the temple and gain spiritual experiences with his busy schedule.

“You will find different points in your life where going to the temple will be easier to do more frequently and also more difficult,” President Gilbert said. “One of the things Sister Gilbert and I try to do is regularly schedule the temple into our lives.”

President Gilbert said that whenever he schedules the temple into his life he sees two outcomes: he will go to the temple, and he will know that day will be different as he prepares spiritually to enter the temple.

“You don’t just attend the temple, but you worship in the temple,” President Gilbert said. “There are really hard questions, and I find the best place to get those answers are in the temple. I use the temple to have meaningful worship, I use the temple to have spiritual renewal, but sometimes I use the temple to get personal revelation in my life.”